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Bone Preservation

Increased patient demands for highly aesthetic prosthetic restorations have increased the clinical challenge encountered by dentists. In order to meet this challenge, the importance of socket site preservation must be appreciated. Once a tooth is extracted it is predictably followed by loss of bone in the surrounding area. Grafting techniques are then used to preserve the bony anatomy once present before teeth are removed. This procedure enhances the potential for optimal dental implant positioning as well as a favorable prosthetic bridge appearance.

Our office concentrates in preserving bone surrounding upper teeth after extraction. We use a product named Bio-Oss which has been used extensively to graft bone defects and extraction sockets and has been proven to be an effective, biocompatible scaffold for ridge preservation. Bio-Oss is a highly osteoconductive, deproteinized bovine bone mineral that is slowly resorbed and replaced by vital bone.

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